Leaders, Nota Bene: Paradigm Shift – We are living in exponential times

One of the most wonderful bonuses of teaching at Suffolk University in Boston this term (Spring 2009) are the students. They always surprise me with their perceptions and unexpected gifts. Nelly emailed me with this link to a YouTube video, which presents some awesome data on the information age and the bombardment of our brains with masses of information. It certainly is a new world.

By the way, I had never heard of an Exabyte. It is 10 to the power of 18. When I was at school, we looked at data up to about 10 to power of 6 = 1 million. 10 to the power of 18 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 !!!!!

To give you an idea and to entice you to watch the video, here’s a few excerpts …..


… It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.

… It is estimated that 4 EXABYTES of unique information will be generated this year*. That is more than the previous 5,000 years. [* this year I think may have been 2007 or before]

… Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million:

Radio 38 years
TV 13 years
Internet 4 years
iPod  3 years
Facebook 2 years

… Today the number of daily text messages sent and received, exceeds the total population of the planet.

FROM THE VIDEO …….Did You Know: Shift Happens – Globalization; Information Age …. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljbI-363A2Q

There are many versions of this message on YouTube.

A later 2008 version at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpEnFwiqdx8&feature=related  states there are over 200 million users on MySpace, and if this were a country it would be the 5th largest in the world. Each month in 2008 there were 31 billion, yes billion, searches on Google.

I wonder how many there are now?

What does this kind of paradigm shift mean for tomorrow’s leaders?


About Carole Brown, Learning Coach and Repatterning Practitioner

My early days as a biologist and my career as a leadership consultant and learning coach have largely influenced the work I do now. I am attracted to many different spheres of knowledge and wisdom, especially those that are on the cutting edge and relate to the processes underlying change. "Resonance Repatterning" is an energetic approach to transforming our patterns and moving beyond the blocks that keep us from reaching our highest self. It is a stunning process that gets right to the core and elegantly identifies what needs to be transformed. I first studied RR in 2000 before we had quantum physicists explaining the basis for energy work. Now we have the science, there's every reason to embrace this evolutionary approach to change and growth and use it to explore how to become your best self.
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