Corporate responsibility or Individual?

A quotation from a colleagues daily email showing the following, “We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for”  by Grace Lee Boggs, captured my attention and reminded me of one of my favorite quotations on leadership by Ghandi – “You must be the change you wish to see in the World”

I wonder if it was words like these that started the “BE THE CHANGE” movement?

I looked on Facebook to see how many groups there are on BEING THE CHANGE and was surprised to see only a few. If you know of any, please add to the comments section. Thank you.


About Carole Brown, Learning Coach and Repatterning Practitioner

My early days as a biologist and my career as a leadership consultant and learning coach have largely influenced the work I do now. I am attracted to many different spheres of knowledge and wisdom, especially those that are on the cutting edge and relate to the processes underlying change. "Resonance Repatterning" is an energetic approach to transforming our patterns and moving beyond the blocks that keep us from reaching our highest self. It is a stunning process that gets right to the core and elegantly identifies what needs to be transformed. I first studied RR in 2000 before we had quantum physicists explaining the basis for energy work. Now we have the science, there's every reason to embrace this evolutionary approach to change and growth and use it to explore how to become your best self.
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