This blog is intended to challenge leaders to think – more expansively, more creatively, more responsibly and more spiritually.

Carole Brown, who writes here, has a view of the world that has been shaped from her multi-disciplinary background:

  • Her formal education … in physiology, pharmacology, marketing, communications, psychology and adult learning, and Divinity.
  • Her training … in meditation, healing, resonance (holographic) re-patterning, creative visualization … and the fascinating people who have taught her to trust her intuition and her senses.
  • Her work experience as … a pharmaceutical marketing executive with Novartis, a medical education and communications consultant for a specialist agency owned by Pearson, an OD consultant with Price Waterhouse, a career consultant and coach with KPMG, a learning and leadership coach with Leadership in Motion (LIM LLC) and founder of The Thinking Team.
  • Her interests… in leadership development, team building, inter-personal relations, and global communications, and in … creativity, the brain, consciousness and recent discoveries in mind-body science.
  • Her beliefs … that there is so much that exists that we cannot see … that many events are unpredictable … that the intelligence of nature has much to teach us if only we stopped to look and see and hear and listen.

… and the application of these in her work as a communications consultant, executive and learning coach, lecturer and writer (see http://www.thethinkingteam.com).

In this blog, Carole hopes to inspire others to think and act more consciously about their impact on each other and our planet.


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