The Thinking Team

The Thinking Team’s purpose is …..

to inspire leaders to think more expansively, more creatively, more responsibly and more spiritually.

We can do this by:

  • teaching you about new tools and processes for leading change
  • sharing with you our knowledge of the brain, creativity and innovation
  • acting as a catalyst and a forum for debate on new ways of thinking and leading

For more information, see our website


2 Responses to The Thinking Team

  1. Great site! Can I sign up to receive your regular updates?

    Gabrielle xxx


    • cabiod55 says:

      Thank you. I thought I’d added an RSS feed but can’t see it. I did add a link to facebook this week, so that whenever I add a post to my blog it shows up there. So you will see updates there.
      I am just about to add a new blog post from the Deepak Chopra article you shared on Facebook, thanks to you. So look out for the mention on FB too.


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